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Bethlen Gábor Általános Iskola


1. Make the illustration of your favourite tale, novel (drawing-paper)!

2. Make bookmarkers, posters of your library!

3. Interview, report with parents, teachers, students on how changed of your library for many years.

4. Make of your favourite read (2 pages)!

Kovács Anikó

4220 Hajdúböszörmény

13 vértanú u. 1. sz.

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Csapókerti Általános Iskola


Csapókerti Elementary School, Debrecen

 Events organized by our library:

 - Since we recently moved, let’s introduce new informative signs! Plan direction hint signs, pictures and pictograms!

 - Design emblems of the day and month, create bookmarks and stickers advertising the library!

 - Interview parents, teachers, students and retired librarians about how the library has changed through the years, and what do they recall from its past.

 - Send out e-mails to different libraries and students of the world, exchange pictures and guidelines of your library.

 - Record a short video about the proper use of a library! (in 2-3 minutes)

Machlik Jánosné


Szent-Györgyi Albert Általános Iskola és Gimnázium könyvtára


The newspaper (ALAP) of students' selfgovernment - released with a supplement on the occusion of the Day of the School Library. This supplementary material in the october edition in colour. Its contents: the past and present (memories and experiences) of the shool library and the presentation of our current programmes with remarkable photos, pictures.

Cserekleiné Kustár Blanka

Tóth Viktória

Könyvtárostanárok Egyesülete


On the occasion of International School Library Month, School Librarian’s Association, Hungary announces the following contests:
- "(Re)Design the website of your school library!" (for students),
- "Advertise your school library!" (Power Point presentation, for students)
- project contest (for school librarians).
Also Hungarian Association of School Librarians calls for nominations to HASL Commemorative Medal, given as an appreciation for prominent school librarians.

Announcement of the results and the introduction of winner competitors will take place on the Autumn Conference of the Association.

The Autumn Conference will be held in Budapest, at Hungarian Library and Museum of Pedagogy. For more information please visit or contact Mrs Lázárné Szanádi Csilla, President of HASL (

Lázárné Szanádi Csilla, elnök -

Neumann János Általános Iskola


Our programmes in the Mondth of the School Library:

We announce an application in the following topics in the school library:

  • Write a recommendation to your favourite book. Compose why you liked it and why you would recommend it to others.
  • Look for quotations about book and reading, and also famous people's saying.
  • Make illustrations to your favourite tales.

Other programmes:

  • Vote for the best book
  • Quiz about looking for information

Kajtárné Tancsics Hajnalka


Vörösmarty Mihály Általános Iskola


 Some of our programme will continue in November

  • Book exhibition from Elek Bendek, who is a famous hungarian writer, journalist, who collected a lot of tale and he was born 150 years ago.
  • The tales go to your house - the oldest children tell tales to the smollest
  • A funny afternoon for children about tale: with tale, music, competition and video 
  • The fantastic and interesting world of animals - video and exhibition for the students and children from preschools
  • Students visit our library form the University of Debrecen from the informatic librarian facultat. 
  • How I was an author? - storytelling with our old student who is teacher, writer and journalis
  • Cubeology - competition from techic, craft, mathematics, phisicr and computer science for 5-6th classe
  • I tell you in a poem - 2-4th classes write poems form library and book
  • Plan our school library! - Write, draw what kind of library you would like!

 Seressné Barta Ibolya


Teleki Blanka Gimnázium és Általános Iskola




Zseli Klára könyvtárostanár

Általános Iskola, Alapfokú Művészetoktatási Intézmény és Szakképző Iskola



- On 30 th September: the Day of the Folk tale

-Tales in the afternoon (easily)

-Exhubition (about the most lovely folk tale characteres)

-In October:

 for 2 nd and 3rd classes: knowledge of using

 books and library

for upper classes: knowledge of using library

In this month we illustrate the users of the library: The pupils can pin up their names (on a tree and the pupuls' names are on the leaves)

- All the year round:

-The Romantic 18 th century

-The competition of presents

-Making homepages


Berze Lászlóné

Újhatvani Óvoda és Általános Iskola


Competition for 3rd-4th grade students with the Baross Gábor Primary School.

This event has been seen on the school's web page.

We're going to be contact via the Internet with  German school.

Máté Györgyné


Baktay Ervin Gimnázium és Vízügyi Szakközépiskola



Baktay Ervin Grammar and Hydrological School is joining the activity called National Month of School Libraries.
Programs concerning the topic:

  • We have been inviting our readers to the library with ”sweet scent” – on the Folk tales’ day all the class groups of the school took part in baking honey-cookies in order to build a sweet house out of the cookies. The students of the art course helped build the delicious gingerbread house.
  • The school library and the Students’ council invited a tender for taking photographs concerning reading books.
  • Message to the Future - that is the name of our new project. We are making up a book complied by the students on the thoughts and ideas of our students.
  • We are planning to publish a next issue on the works and thoughts of our former students.
  • On 27th October we are organising an exhibition of our students’ work and also the books written by former students and teachers.


Tolnainé Korcz Ilona

06-24-370-324, könyvtár mellék


Berzsenyi Dániel Gimnázium


In English

Bondor Erika
bondor.erika 'kukac'

Bródy Imre Gimnázium


Library commencement

Jákliné Tilhof Ágnes

Bródy Imre Gimnázium


Drawing competition

Jákliné Tilhof Ágnes

Bródy Imre Gimnázium


What books do the literature teachers read?

Jákliné Tilhof Ágnes

Bródy Imre Gimnázium


Competition of the classes

Jákliné Tilhof Ágnes

Márton Áron Gimnázium


International School Library Day in Márton Áron Highschool, Csíkszereda:

 - books and periodicals domantion for pupils

- libray prezentation for new-comers

- fairy tale contest

- exposition of damaged books

- exchange of experience between librarians

Borbé Levente